Saturday, April 26, 2014

My heart is in Korea

I can't wait to see Kimchi boy in two weeks time. As usual, I will be flying on the night of my last paper! Currently trying very hard to study for my finals. It's my second last semester in NUS. Next semester will be my last & I really can't wait for this to be over and start work. Not because I hate school and can't wait to earn money, but because this means it will be a new milestone in my life & most important, one step closer to marriage and living in Korea (though I'm not ready to think about the separation with my friends and family at this point).

There might be a lack of updates but please bear with me. There will be more fun & interesting posts when I arrive in Korea on May 9th. There are so many exciting things that might/will be happening: we are getting a puppy!!! (ok, its his parents but I get to go see puppies with them), he has planted a strawberry plant & strawberries are starting to appear, might be meeting other NUS students currently on exchange in Korea, I am going to Osaka for a visa-run! Will be visiting him for three whole months - I have a research internship in the last two months but still, I will get to see him a lot more. I've seen Korea only in winter and this is my first time seeing Spring/Summer in kimchi land. I hope it's not gonna be as hot as Singapore.

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