Sunday, April 20, 2014

Asiana Airlines Business Class Review

The last time I flew back to Singapore, I'd managed to get an upgrade to Business Class! Although the in-fight experience was a really pleasant one (for one, the air stewardesses treat you so much better in Biz class. When I flew to Incheon, one air stewardess literally just stared at me while I struggle to put my overweight carry-on baggage in the overhead compartments. I am just 155cm by the way, but .. Partially my fault for bringing an overweight hand carry luggage), the whole process of getting the upgrade was really frustrating. 

I really needed the upgrade because my baggages were over 30kg. I'm so glad for diligently collecting mileages points whenever I travelled on any Star Alliance airlines because the hard work paid off! BUT... Asiana made it so difficult for me. It was even more frustrating because we had to wait over 10 minutes each time just to finally get to talk to someone at Asiana's Korean office. Actually kimchi boy says it is normal for Korean standard. (But it is much better because most of the time, Singapore's Asiana office just hangs up after you have patiently waited. I usually have to call more than thrice just to talk to someone). In economy class, you can see a clear difference from the way they serve Koreans and non-Koreans. There are so many people complaining about their service on their facebook page! I really hope they improve.

The first issue was that they had claimed that the business class was "full" so I was put on the waiting list for almost I think 7 or 8 different dates. And I was told should there be an available seat, they would automatically cancel my economy class seat and inform me the day before. So... I had to live my last few days in Korea not knowing when I was going to part with my boyfriend, not knowing if it was going to be my last night with him & his family etc...

Secondly, I needed to know if I was packing my luggage for the pathetic 20kg allowance (now most airlines offer 23kg at least!) or the generous 30kg allowance given to Business Class passengers! I don't want to sound whiny, but I had just spent almost two months in Korea and .. maybe shopped too much so this 10kg extra allowance meant a whole lot to me..

So the call from Asiana never came, I went to Incheon Airport on my scheduled date, decided to check in early.. and guess what. Got my upgrade on the spot at the check-in counter. I did not know if I should be thankful or upset. When I got on board, there were at least 2 or 3 other vacant seats on Business Class!!! Being a typical Singaporean, the first thing I did when I got back to Singapore was to ask for an explanation as to why I was deprived of a seat yet given an upgrade so easily at the airport. So they explained that it was because there are limited amount of seats for a certain ticket class bla bla. I was really upset because I clearly remembered paying the FULL amount for my air ticket, it was not a cheap discounted ticket!!!

After this "horrible ordeal", I do not think Asiana deserves to be a Star Alliance member. I have decided to try Korean Air this May - 23kg baggage allowance, answered calls promptly when I contacted their office etc. Will be flying in 3 weeks time, can't wait!

Enough of complaining. 

Things are really different in Business Class:

Just look at the amount of leg space you get...

There is even a small corner for you to charge your iPhone.

Things are much more classier in there.


I chose the Korean set - Ssambap (쌈밥). It is lettuce wrap with rice and meat.

You could get a mini cheese platter if you choose the western set.


Finally got to lie down for a 6 hour flight back home. (The chair could go down some more.)

You even get supper! Either korean ramen or a burger. Even a bowl of ramen looks so exquisite with mushrooms and green onions HAHA

You get priority tags on your baggages.

I have to admit, it was a really good experience on Asiana's Business Class. Air stewardesses were really friendly and helpful. Food was good, toiletries were from L'occitane (my fav), you get to actually lie down on a midnight flight ... I am a really realistic person HAHA. I will still fly with whoever is the cheapest. So I might be going back to Asiana in the near future :(

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