Friday, April 4, 2014

All Things Korean!

When I was visiting kimchi boy last winter, one of my favourite moments was going grocery shopping together! Home Plus, equivalent to Singapore's NTUC Supermarket, was the nearest to his home. I realise Home Plus actually carries some of Tesco's product.. maybe they are affiliated in some way. Anyway, sometimes we would walk 15 minutes to get there but most of the time we just cycle there! 

Now that I am back in Singapore, whenever I go to the supermarket (mostly NTUC), I get really excited when I see Korean food products. For a moment it made me feel like I was back in Korea again T.T

Korean ice cream, which I never really enjoyed :/

Sauce, condiments ... I usually have a bottle or two bulgogi (불고기) sauce at home.

Whenever I start putting Korean products (Sweet potato noodles for Japchae (잡채), Korean mayonnaise) in the shopping trolley my Dad would say "What?! Korean food again....."

When kimchi boy was in Singapore, he was amazed that we have Thai Tomyum sauce, Indian Curry, Japanese Udon etc.. It is easy to find other South-East Asian or just typical Asian food in a local  supermarkets. There would easily be more than 2 brands of Tomyum soup paste for you to choose from.

While in Korea, it is usually just... Korean. If we really wanted to get Tomyum soup paste, there would be only one brand. & He really knows how to boost his country's economy while living abroad (in Singapore). For eg. my family prefers the Japanese mayo sauce but he would say "Why? Take the Korean one... it tastes and looks exactly the same..".

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