Saturday, April 26, 2014

Personal thoughts

I started out this blog last month to document everything that is happening in this long distance relationship with my Korean boyfriend, and hopefully be able to connect with other Singaporeans in the same kind of relationship as me. I know this relationship is a special one & I hope one day my status will be elevated from "Singaporean Girlfriend" to "Singapore Wife", where I can continue writing about my life with a Korean husband; living in Korea or where ever it may be. Yes, we began this relationship with the intentions of getting married (because why shouldn't every relationship be that way?), even though I am, by Singapore or Asian standards, too young to get married. If I were American, I may have already gotten married with my first kid by now. Haha! At 28, Kimchi boy is at the marrying age & according to our plans, he will be 30 or 31 when we get married. Seriously, I do not think there is a 'right age' to get married. Age is just a number, it is the maturity & trust between the couple that determines the right time to be committed for life. And of course a whole lot of other considerations like financial stability etc. With the high standards of living, (unreasonable) high cost for housing & cars in Singapore, of course it would seem reasonable to only get married at 28, 29 - after you've worked for a few years, saved up enough to build your family and return back to square one after you've bought your house, car & wedding. If I had not met this boyfriend, I would still be running the Singapore Rat Race and be full of regrets on my deathbed.

This blog is actually a secret and kimchi boy does not know of it's existence, though he might have already found out because he is really good at 'stalking' me on the internet. He did it once, found my old blog (an old blog under my name) with traces of my past with my ex boyfriend and got really upset about it. Apparently in Korean culture, when a couple breaks up they are as good as dead to each other. So if I strictly adhere to his Korean standard's, I should have deleted my ex boyfriend on facebook, handphone, my old blog etc. So I wonder how long this can be kept from him. Imagine the amount of blog posts (2 years worth!) he has to read if I only reveal this blog on our wedding day.

Anyway, to any readers: Hello! and feel free to comment/ask questions/email me :)


  1. Hi Deborah! I'm soooo glad I found your blog as I am going through similar experiences as you are right now with my korean bf serving his national service. Also, my family lives in Taiwan (taichung) and Im graduating from NTU in a few months time! haha would be nice if we could chat whenever you feel like u need an emotional support or advice or whatnot XD my kakao id is janicemacho :)

  2. Hi Deborah,
    It's great to see you blog, knowing that u are in the same experience as you are. I'm together with my korean bf for 3 years. I can really feel you to be in a long distance relationship. Having being restricted with the annual leave, i quit my job to go korea to study for a year. And just returned to S'pore. Hope to read more of your post and fighting!

  3. Hello :) Thank you. Well, I used up all my annual leaves for him already (because he is visiting in July) hahaha! I would never have the courage to just quit my job and study in Korea. We are planning to get married within a year and a half, so I really want to work as much as I can so that I have some savings when I move to Korea. As you might know, it is difficult to get a job there. Especially since I cannot speak Korean at all. You must be feeling horrible after the one year trip now!!! Back to this long distance relationship again right~


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