Thursday, April 3, 2014

Korean Birthdays

I love birthdays!!! In my family, we will always celebrate with cake and presents. Less presents now as we get older but we will always go out for a meal.

Kimchi boy says that Koreans don't really celebrate birthdays.. I wonder if this is true? But anyway, yesterday was his elder brother's birthday and his sister-in-law invited them over for a home-cooked birthday meal. First thing I told him was "don't expect me to cook some birthday meal for you.. we will just go out to eat." HAHA I have no talent in cooking (not that I have talent in any other things at all)

His parents sitting opposite his 80+ year-old grandma.

There is just too much kimchi in this picture...

Cute nephew that only plays with grandfather!

 That is his elder brother & sis-in-law!

MILK CREAM CAKE. Cakes are the reason why I put on so much weight from my last Korean visit. Who can resist a fresh cream cake? Almost impossible to find one in Singapore.

So he was telling me that for the past 26 years, no one has celebrated his birthday with him. Not even past girlfriends! Poor boy says that birthdays aren't that important to him. But he does make an effort on my birthdays and says my birthday is the most important for him now.

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