Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Consequences of Dating a Korean Guy 2,900 miles Away

A long distance relationship is not for everyone. We all know the heartaches that the distance can bring. There are certain traits that you can observe from a person who is in one - constantly doing things alone, 24/7 texting/calling, obsessed with making travel plans for the next trip etc. 

I am hooked on technology. I am not addicted to it, I just treasure every moment of talking or texting him. Many of my friends are amazed at how my phone NEVER leaves my hands. Because of this, my 3 year old fully-charged iPhone 4S can only last 3 hours. It gets crazy sometimes, especially when I am signed in on Skype on my iPhone, iPad and Macbook and.. he calls.

Korean guys are known to be really "Aegyo" (Korean: 애교) towards their girlfriends, regardless of their age. It refers to talking in a cute and affectionate way, often in a baby's voice. This totally explains the constant song and dance shows that he puts up for me over Skype. As a 28 year old grown man, I would say he has shown alot of talent in dancing and singing to Korean baby songs. The passion and energy of his dancing increases with the distance.

"Oh baby, this strawberry reminds me of you"
When you are 2,900 miles away, everything and anything reminds you of him/her & there is an urge to take a picture and send it to him/her. (He actually planted a strawberry plant in his backyard for me.) When I look into my phone's photo album, I see lots of pictures of trees, flowers, skies... never knew I was that into nature

As each meeting date gets closer, my obsession for checking air ticket prices gets stronger. It becomes a daily (sometimes hourly) habit, just to make sure I don't miss out on any flash sales. I know by heart the airlines that fly direct from Singapore to Incheon, I know the airlines that do stopovers and which cities they stop in. Do you know that Vietnam Airlines & Thai Airways are just some of the airlines that have transit flights to South Korea too? 

To say that I am excited to see him is an understatement. I feel as if I've been waiting an entire life for this! The best moment is when I look at him and see all the little details that I've missed out on eg. the extra layer of fat under his chin, the new hair cut etc. Seeing it in real life is different from seeing it over Skype. Look at how much he's changed in just 4 months! I feel like a mum missing out on my baby's first steps.

Jan 2014

May 2014
I didn't know people can age that quickly. Hahaha!

P/s Will be arriving in Seoul next Friday!

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