Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Korean Food: Mad For Garlic (Suntec City Branch)

Mad For Garlic is a Korean-Italian restaurant with a garlic theme. I have always wanted to try this restaurant ever since I saw it's promotion on Facebook! They were offering a free pizza & its membership card (with any spending equivalent to their pizza) but we could not use it on weekends/eve of public holidays.. and we happen to visit their Suntec City branch on the eve of Good Friday -.- (Went with my bestfriend)

We wanted to try it so badly so we went in anyway. FOOD WAS SO GOOD I AM DEF' GOING TO TRY IT IN KOREA WITH KIMCHI BOY!

We ordered the two main dishes that everyone online recommended: Garlic Snowing Pizza & Grilled Chicken and Mushroom Risotto. Did not regret it one bit because it was really really delicious. The pizza was thin-crust with chunks of pineapples (wished there were more though) and a combi of sweet & salty. I LOVE hawaiian pizza so I love any kind of pizza with pineapples in them. Though the risotto was not authentic italian, the grilled chicken was juicy, full of flavour and the rice was spicy enough. Every kind of taste that I love. The food was within typical restaurant prices, each dish around $20+ before gst. The prices are similar in Singapore and in korea, pizza was sgd22.50 before taxes while in Korea it would cost 21,800 (don't have to pay taxes) - Korean won is stronger now I think?. Really glad that they did not try to 'inflate' the prices just because it is outside of Korea (unlike other Korean shops like Etude House, Laneige or any other Korean restaurants for that matter etc)

Alot of thought put into its interior, pretty classy with a relaxing ambience.
Picture from www.madforgarlic.com.sg


Pieces of roasted garlic, pineapples, shrimps... I did not stop at one. HAHA

Garlic Snowing Pizza.

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