Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas 2014 in Korea

Have been keeping up with the news and updates for the missing Air Asia flight. I am usually very upset by news of plane accidents because the thought of having to die alone or die drowning scares me. During the Malaysian Airlines flight 370 and flight 17 tragedies, I was also in Korea. Right now, the last thing I want to do is to take a plane back to Singapore. What I was really sad about is that the Koreans who were onboard (the family of three) were Christian missionaries spreading the gospel in Indonesia. Why do God allow such things to happen to anyone, whether Christians or non-Christians, and especially to people who are doing God's work?


I am back from my short trip to Taiwan and kimchi boy surprised me with a mini Christmas tree when I arrived home in Daejeon. Having a Christmas tree meant a lot to me because every year, my family would put up a huge Christmas tree together.. While in Korea, I don't think people actually celebrate Christmas.. At least not for his family. We even managed to find a log cake which was extremely difficult to find in Korea! I am really touched by his efforts to make Christmas special for me. 

Why do Korean ahjumas or ahjummas have curly hair?

So I asked kimchi boy: why do 99.9% of ahjummas (aka korean ladies who are .. older) in Korea perm their hair? It was as if all ladies went to the same hair salon to get the same exact hairstyle. 

I am not sure whether he was joking but he said that there is actually a sad story behind it - many of them are from post-war period and in those days, people were poor and they had to perm their hair so that they don't have to wash it so often and it was easy to maintain (it was the cheaper option). This does not make sense to me because.. Don't you have to pay money to get a perm -.- anyway he said that a perm is the cheapest in a hair salon, and sadly, there are a fair majority that think they actually look nice with permed hair.

Is this true?

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Singapore to Seoul with Vietnam Airlines

Vietnam Airlines was fine. Decent service, decent food, cheapest flight available (paid about SGD600 for a December ticket).. But worst transit experience ever. The airport at Ho Chi Minh City was probably the worst I've ever been to. Unclear directions/signage, messy layout - everything you fear about when taking a transit flight. At least the transfer counter staff was helpful. Don't think I will ever use Vietnam airlines again unless it is really REALLY cheap. 

My two meals from SIN to SGN, then SGN to ICN. 

Anyway, I made it to Korea safely! Here are some pictures of my first few days in Korea:

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December 2014

We are finally in December!

I will be flying to Korea tomorrow night and will arrive on Thursday morning.
Tomorrow marks the last day of my NUS undergraduate life. After taking the final paper, I will officially be part of the Singapore's "middle-class" (as soon as I find a job), have to manage my own finances, can no longer ask my parents for money etc. Quite depressing to think about at this point.. But first, I will enjoy myself in Korea till mid-February 2015.

This is going to be one exciting winter! Yesterday Korea received its first snow - which was something I have always looked forward to but never got a chance to catch, because Real Estate papers are always one of the last few in the NUS exam schedule. The exciting part of this winter is that my parents will be visiting us in late January!

Here's a pic of our baby. No longer a baby though. 
He now has a permanent home in Kimchi boy's backyard.

I will be updating more when I arrive in Korea. For now, I shall contain my excitement and attempt to revise for my final paper tomorrow.