Monday, March 14, 2016

Mar 2016 update

Quick update on my life:
1. We are getting married this November. Cheers to over 3 years of long distance relationship!!!! Still strong and in love. 

2. We've found an awesome venue for the solemnization and both sides of the family will be flying over in November. 

3. What I learnt from working at Nike: Not all jobs/companies that seem glamorous are glamorous. It takes passion and love for what you do to see pass the long travelling distance and measly pay. 

These days I'm hooked on "Reply 1988" and "descendants of the sun". Usually after an episode of K-drama I can't look at my boyfriend for a while... How is it that Korean guys in tv shows look so different from those in real life??!! 

For girls fantasizing about Korean boyfriends because of K-drama: They look nothing like Soong Joongki or Park Bo Gum!!! Lol!