Thursday, January 15, 2015

Home cooked food

I probably have mentioned how difficult it is to find non korean-fushion western/international food in Korea. Even in pasta shops, there would be kimchi or radish on the table. We once went to a Mexican restaurant that did not serve kimchi! Imagine our excitement. 

Ever since I saw kimchi in pasta and pizzas, I no longer trust western restaurants in korea. I've started cooking with very very simple ingredients:

Tofu Patty

Meatballs in cream sauce

Lastly, here are some mandatory pictures of our cute dog, Maxi. He should be almost a year old now. 

Friday, January 9, 2015

Public Transport in Daejeon, Korea

These days I've been learning how to take the public transport alone. It's been something I've dreaded for almost two years each time I visit him in Korea. Public transport in Korea is efficient (at least in Seoul and Daejeon), BUT what I do not enjoy is the travel experience - ahjummas pushing and shoving their way, non-existence of a queue, unruly commuters rushing for seats etc. As a Singaporean, I've seen a lot of ungracious people - I admit that I do brisk walk a little to get seats sometimes - but Koreans (sometimes) bring it to a whole new level. Just sometimes, because I've met nice Koreans who bother to queue up or say excuse me when passing through too. But some don't seem to understand the concept of intruding into a stranger's personal space. Sure, I know.. there are unruly commuters everywhere around the world. 

So these days while riding the subway, I started to wonder if this is the kind of life I want to live, and the kind of society I want my kids to grow up in. I cannot imagine taking the public transport on a daily basis. Then I think about how I get to pursue hobbies and do things that I enjoy without having to work after I get married, and conclude that this relationship is still worth holding on to. Haha I'm just kidding! I believe whatever society or culture it is, the important thing is that my child be raised in a loving environment, and an environment with the right values and morals.

This is my second time celebrating a birthday with their family. It was kimchi boy's father's 59th birthday a few days ago and once again, we had a whole table of Korean food and cake!