Friday, August 22, 2014

What to expect when dating a Korean

I survived 3 and a half months in Korea this summer. 

There were a couple of break-downs in between. 1st, In my 1st month there I was home sick and frantically looking for Southeast Asian or western food. 2nd, Kimchi boy & I broke up for 5 short minutes at Sinchon (Seoul) but quickly made up while eating Taco Bell. 3rd, We quarreled, I got angry and threatened to leave Korea.

This summer I felt the warmth of his parents' love towards me. I met so many of his relatives and they were so kind and made me feel like I was part of the Shin family already. I invited friends to stay over in their house in Daejeon City and his parents were so nice to my friends as if it were their own daughter's sleepover. When I had to go to Ulsan City for a summer program, they drove me all the way from Daejeon to Busan to Ulsan. The night before I left for Singapore, his mother prepared seaweed and other Korean side dishes so that I could bring it back for my family. I now know that I will always have a home in Korea too.

I am now back in Singapore, completing my last semester at NUS. I remember almost two years ago before I agreed to be his girlfriend, I'd googled a lot on "Korean boyfriend", "Korean guys", "Dating a Korean"... hoping to find information on what to expect when dating a Korean man. I was worried about things like do I always have to bow whenever I see his parents? Are Korean guys shy to show their emotions to their girlfriends? Will we have huge cultural differences? I did not know what to expect as a girlfriend of a Korean guy. After almost two years of being with kimchi boy, I now know that.. You just have to be yourself, as if you were dating a guy from your own country. There is "nothing" to expect because each relationship, whether or not it is with a Korean, is different on its own.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Korean course meal

That day, kimchi boy brought me to a korean restaurant. These are not the restaurants that serve typical korean food like samgyetang, bibimbap, kimchi stew...

They are course set meals. For the amount of food we get, the price is pretty reasonable. We chose set B (₩15,000 per person).

I really like korean food prepared the traditional way. This reminds me of the time when I had traditional bibimbap in Ulsan:

It's my last few days in Korea.. Can't believe I spent more than 3 months this time :( 

Time to look out for cheap flights to Korea for December!