Sunday, March 30, 2014

Our love for Thai food

Kimchi boy loves all kinds of South-East Asian food. While he was in Singapore, we tried Vietnamese, Malay, Thai, Indian etc. cuisines together. We love all things spicy and he really likes Thai and Malay food the most.

If he had the choice and freedom (I don't allow him to because it is too oily), he would choose to eat Nasi Padang (Malay rice with various types of malay dishes) on a daily basis. Obviously he had been eating secretly in my school canteen (NUS Design & Environment - techno edge Canteen) while I was in lectures and tutorials because he'd put on 10kg when he left Singapore. So much in just 3 months!!!

From my understanding, Koreans are not that receptive towards foreign food especially if it smells and looks different. His mother cannot eat any kind of (chinese) food I cook and would smile politely whenever I try to offer her. I'm glad he is so open-minded because I cannot imagine eating Korean for the rest of my life!

By the first month in Korea, I had enough of the spicy stew, kimchi (not that I ever eat them), cabbage-wrap meat etc. so we went all the way to Seoul for some authentic thai food.

We had thai food near the Thai Embassy in Seoul. It was christmas eve ^^

Thai food in Singapore - a set meal from Thai Express.

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