Friday, March 28, 2014

How it began...

His first words were "Hello I am Woosun of Korea".

I have never ever expected myself to be in a long distance relationship. I'd never believed in it, never wanted one, never thought I would be in one. The communication barrier, not physically being next to each other, heart breaking airport farewells, frustrating skype connections...

But now that I am in one, I know it is the most beautiful kind of relationship. Every second spent is so precious it makes a simple movie date or home-cooked meal meaningful. If I could ever start all over again, I would not trade my relationship for any other.

We met each other for the first time in Kaohsiung Airport, Taiwan. Despite facing strong opposition from my mother, we made arrangements to meet each other that Winter (in 2012). I remember arriving at the airport 30 minutes before his flight arrival and staring at the flight board while waiting for him. When he walked out of the arrival gate, we ran instantly to each other. Today, my parents adore him like their own son.

One and a half years later, it is still a magical moment whenever we meet. (Except for the last time when I went to Korea and he arrived 30 minutes late at Incheon Airport). I can now understand Korean culture a little better, accept kimchi in my food and speak really basic Korean.

It is not easy to be in a long distance relationship, but I believe it will be worth it for those who are willing to enjoy its bitter-sweet experience.


  1. Just came across your blog and alot of what u wrote resonates with what I have been through. I'm also Singaporean; my bf is Korean. Was wondering, how did you manage to get your parents to accept your bf? Would u happen to have katalk?

  2. Yes I do :) Please add me on katalk! My id is deborahcheok


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