Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Korean Habit

I'd initially wanted to title this post as "A Weird Korean Habit" and realized how insensitive I sound. He is a really patriotic person (almost all Koreans are), and he gets upset when I say things like Korean services are not as efficient (compared to Singapore) or Why do Koreans not queue up when the bus comes?

When I visited him last winter, I found out that Koreans really like doing things on the floor

His mum grilling (김) seaweed on the balcony floor.

His dad peeling chestnuts in the living room.

Him taking a nap on my living room floor in Singapore.

Whenever I visit a Korean house, they would always sit on the floor even though they have sofas in the living room. So, according to him, Koreans like sitting on the floor in winter because most Korean houses have heated floors that makes it comfy & warm during winter. He prefers sleeping on the floor rather than a bed because he says his back feels much more comfortable that way. It's the total opposite for me though. 

I remember wearing jeans to a really old Korean restaurant and having to take off my jeans (It was winter and I still had my inner wear) in the middle of our dinner because I felt it was too tight and my blood was not flowing to my legs haha! Luckily it was late and there were only 3-4 other people having their late dinner there. 

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