Friday, September 26, 2014

Getting an EMS from Korea!

Receiving EMS from Korea has been a huge part of our long distance relationship. Besides seeing his face on skype every night, it is possibly the only joy in this miserable LDR. When he sends an EMS, the package goes from Daejeon --> Seoul (Incheon) --> Singapore (Changi Airport) --> Singpost. The whole process usually takes 2-3 working days, unless its the peak periods like Chinese/Korean New Year then it could take a week. It has taken a week before - unfortunately this one time, Kimchi boy sent it during Chinese New Year and I went crazy and called Singpost like a mad woman everyday to demand them to send me my package. Can you imagine how horrid the package smelled when it arrived at my house? (it contained Kimchi, kept at room temperature for almost a week!!!). Was amazed the delivery man did not suffocate.

Korea Post has ALWAYS been on time, even during peak periods. As usual, Singapore's "efficient" services are always the problem. I know that because I track my packages and Korea Post never fails to get it to arrive in Singapore within 2 days, even during peak periods. Even a big country like Korea can be efficient, why can't Singapore?

Anyway, this time I got the package on time! It was my recess week so I was at home everyday to wait for this to come:

 Fruits, snacks, seaweed... 

 There were even chestnuts!! His mother is really sweet, always grilling seaweed for our family.

Huge Korean pear.

Tofu Chips!

Waiting for EMS can be really stressful because someone has to be at home. If not Singpost will gladly make you collect it yourself, no re-delivery is allowed.

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