Monday, September 22, 2014

Flying to Korea in December

It is a challenge getting a December air ticket to Korea.

December is the month where school kids are having their holidays and many families are traveling to winter countries to escape from the heat in Singapore. Tickets are expensive and many cheap fares are sold out. It is the only time I can visit Kimchi boy because NUS gives a one month break in December for all students.

This year is my final semester as a student of NUS, it will be the last time to have the freedom to travel more than a month in Korea. When I start working, I will probably only get a week of leave to travel and when that time comes, I will once again have to make the tough decision of choosing between seeing Kimchi boy in Korea, or visiting my family in Taiwan. I haven't been a very good grand daughter because for the past two years, I have chosen Korea.

This year, I have chosen to fly with Vietnam Airlines because they provided the cheapest fare and the shortest transit duration. I'd paid $600 for a return ticket (~2 to 3 hours transit time for both flights), while last December, it cost $1,200 with Asiana Airlines.

Can't wait to see Maxi & Kimchi boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 (See how much maxi has grown in 3 short months!)

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