Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Family Gatherings & Home-cooked Korean Food

That day we were invited to his uncle's house for a mini family gathering. Not the whole Shin family was present, just our two families. I had the privilege to taste his aunty's (uncle's wife) cooking. She is a certified chef in Korean cuisine.

We went to their house earlier to play with their cat. It used to be Kimchi boy's cat but he had to give it to them due to certain reasons.

This is "Myju", pronounced as My-Ju. I don't know what breed it is, but it is the puss-in-boots breed. At 2 years old, I think it is too heavy and fat! but still cute.

His aunty was busy preparing while everyone was sitting around the TV area. I guess, this must be the fate of Korean women....

The eldest in the family always sit right at the end of the table.. and that would be Grandma Shin.

Sesame soup with mushrooms, Glass noodles, Different types of Kimchi, Fried Platter of vegetables, Meat Soup etc..

Papa shin sitting opposite me. I must be someone important in the family then. HAHA.

I think it is tough to be serving so many people at once. His aunt had to take care of her husband, old Grandma and her guests. Throughout the entire dinner, she barely sat down to eat with us. Every few minutes she was busy refilling someone's rice bowl or soup. She was constantly worried that we were not enjoying the food. 

It is tough to be a Korean lady.

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