Tuesday, November 10, 2015

1 year count down

Hello.... It's been a while. 

This will be his first winter without me (ever since we met in December 2012) but it might very well be his last too!! 

This is a one year count down because next year could be my last year in Singapore. COULD. Although we have done some planning, there are still many adult questions to think about:

1. How/when to get the F6 foreign spouse visa - I heard its a torturous process with different people from the embassy/government bodies saying different things on what is required for the application. Definitely one of the to-do things that I am NOT looking forward to. 

2. Can I really be a "non typical" Singaporean girl and marry a guy who is just starting out in his career (i.e a guy without a fat savings account)?

3. Living in Korea, period. 

Here's a photo of us taken in December 2012, it was the first time seeing each other in real life. This December will be our 3rd anniversary ^.^


  1. go for it!
    the only certainty i know is that you will regret it if you don't go for it
    best wishes!

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