Saturday, May 30, 2015

A New Chapter.

Nope, we are not getting married yet! Still very much in love and making this tough LDR work.

I have finally completed my undergraduate studies at NUS, back from a usual long Korean trip and joined the workforce. It is funny how as a student, I'd always thought that I would prefer working. Now that I've started working, I realize that it the absolute opposite. There are more responsibilities as a working adult - you meet difficult colleagues (vs. lazy project mates), you face unreasonable bosses (vs. fierce/strict teachers), people are less forgiving towards mistakes.. and most importantly, as a person in a long distance relationship, you don't get to travel whenever and go on long trips. Your holidays are restricted to the number of annual leaves you get, and they have to be approved before hand. Unlike in school where you can just don't turn up for a few days or use the 3-month university vacations to travel.

Recently I've been getting more and more stress about living in Korea in the near future. How can I live in an environment that I dislike so much? How can I go about my day to day activities without being able to speak Korean? It's been almost three years and I'm still procrastinating about learning Korean properly.

Well, the only happy thing now is that Kimchi boy is visiting Singapore this July!!!

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