Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sundays in Ulsan

It's been so long I almost forgot I have a blog. I only have half of the summer program left, Kimchi boy just celebrated his 29th birthday, the news have been depressing with all these reports of air disasters (I have a serious fear of flying now but the fact that my maternal family is from Taiwan and my boyfriend is Korean is not helping)...

Before I came to Korea, I thought that I would blog regularly while in Korea. But now that I am here, I've been so lazy and my daily life consists of eating, sleeping & watching Korean drama (Hotel King, anyone?).

The only day I look forward to is Sunday. Because on Sundays, I go on dates with Kimchi boy.

Usually we hunt for cafes with good atmosphere and good food, or sometimes we do something interesting like go to a room cafe or a DVD room. (Room cafes are small tiny rooms the size of two study tables, where couples spend time watching TV, playing board games and eating snacks. DVD rooms are rooms where you rent a DVD and you can stay as long as the duration of your movie. Yes.. Korean couples want new options other than the traditional way of watching a movie.) & When we want something challenging, we hunt for Southeast Asian food. You have no idea how difficult it is to get it here.

Last Sunday, we finally found a western cafe/restaurant that serves some really good western food!!! It was nothing like the other western food I've had in Korea. As a Singapore (Asian), I am in no position to judge western food but I've been to America and it did taste like something I've ordered before in the USA.

The place we went is called Jeezle, a European style brunch cafe located at samsan-dong. It is very, very convenient and there is a bus stop right infront of the cafe. However, if you happen to live in UNIST, it takes about an hour to get there.

This website gives you directions to get there:

Literally in tears just looking at the menu.

We ordered a sandwich set and tomato-based pasta. This is my first time seeing western breakfast that actually looks good ever since I arrived in Ulsan.

One of the best pasta I've ever had in Korea!!!!! The tomato sauce was NOT the usual starchy, transparent sauce you get from most Korean-western fusion or "western" restaurants here.

We also had dessert at Paris Croissant, one of the french pastry shops with branches all across Korea.

Milk tea bingsu (Ice flakes) with fruits. There are many variations of this in Korea.

I am waiting for an available weekend to go back to Daejeon (where Kimchi boy is from)! Daejeon feels like home to me now & I can't wait to go back and see Maxi (our puppy), roll on the comfortable bed and just spending time with his parents. Hopefully next weekend!

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