Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Peek Into A Korean House

These are pictures that I took around his house. It used to be an old traditional Korean house where his room was a tiny house on its own and the kitchen and toilets were outside with a huge yard in the center. But last year, they renovated the entire place and now it is just one whole house. 

The hallway leading to each room. 

There is an outdoor and indoor kitchen. This is the indoor one. 

The living room. 

This is the half second floor. Before they started construction they had initially planned for a complete second floor but somehow the plans were changed and this is it today. 

Kimchi Boy making Korean pancakes!

The little yard leading to the front door.

Stone pathway to the backyard. 

His mother's Kimchi pots. (Their neighbor lives in a log cabin). 

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